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our story

A taste that has been pass down for 60 Years

"Brown Sugar Ombré Effect" presented inside the edge of our signature Brown Sugar boba milk in named our "happiness pattern" by Xing Fu Tang's founder. Xingfu means "Happiness" in Chinese. this is the warm-heartred, True story of XingFuTang's founder, Edison Chen.

"I was brought up by my grandparents in Chiayi. I still remember they loved me and had my best interests at heart when they cooked stir-fried brown sugar for me as a traditional snack"

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A boba experience you will never forget.
We are the no.1 artisanal stir frying handicraft for brown sugar boba in the world. we use premium ingredients and strive to provide you with the most authentic brown sugar experience.

Our boba are freshly cooked in our store without using any preventatives. We stir fry the tapioca with brown sugar right in front of you, creating a unique cultural experience for you to enjoy.

our drinks are always made with joy and we aim to spread love and happiness through our wide variety of menu. A daily does of happiness for all of you boba lovers.